If goodness lead him not, yet weariness
May toss him to My breast.

-George Herbert

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Vision

I walked from the moonlit beach thru the tunnel of faintly luminous stone.  The sand was cool around my feet and everything sloped slightly down.  Turned left thru the doorway into the little fenced garden.  The moon was shining to the left above the apple trees.  Raguel was there like an orange flame, and Tom was there too.  When I saw him smiling, I started to cry for happiness.  I held R and T's hands and told them I wanted to speak to the moon.  (Just yesterday I had summoned Gabriel and beseeched him to initiate me into the mysteries of the Moon.)

Down came Selene like a beautiful naked woman of pure silver light.  I asked her what she wanted from me in return for her friendship and help, and she asked for one kiss, which I gave her, on the mouth.  She gave me a wand of pure silver, like glass, and told me it was not earthly silver, but lunar silver, pure alchemical silver.  It had, at each end, a long, narrow, fiercely glowing crystal, and it fit into a black leather sheath which I could wear at my left hip, slung on a strap from my right shoulder.

I asked her to grant me her initiation and she told me to kneel down.  I asked R and T if it was alright and they nodded yes.  I knelt down in front of S with R and T standing on either side of me, and S put her hands on my head and flooded me with silver light.  She said she was granting me knowledge of and the ability to draw upon the power of the microcosmic and macrocosmic tides, the power to walk in visions and dreams, the power to manifest and draw forth from the etheric substance, and the help and friendship of the faeries of the night.  I saw them all around me and felt their love.  Neffie was there, too, like a glorious moth queen, and presiding above everything I saw Gabriel all violet and blue.  It was as if all this was happening inside him...as an emanation of his being.

I sat with S for a long time in the glory of her silver light until she told me it was time to go.  She returned to her heavens, and I back thru the tunnel to this world.

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